Not only does our Car Wash Store have what you need for our car wash from a variety of top brands, we carry our own Windtrax brand products.

Windtrax Premium Blue Presoak is the premium presoak you need for your wash at a great price.

Windtrax Equipment is quality equipment made to your specifications. Hi-pressure prep units, one gun prep system, two gun prep system, wall mount low pressure system, Belt drive and direct drive units, reverse osmosis systems, triple color foam brush system

Windtrax Overhead Booms are stainless steel booms 180 or 360 degree

Windtrax Coin Drawer Boxes are stainless steel and ideal for mounting in the wall. Each comes with high security pin locks included and a coin box heater

Windtrax Vault/Safe includes a high-security pin lock system. They are ideal for mounting in the wall and include switch decals and a coin box heater.

Windtrax Dingbats are tip protectors for Automatics and Self Service car washes. Dingbats save cars from scratches and protect tips from damage.

Windtrax Foam Brush Accessories include our stainless steel foam brush hangers, stainless steel foam brush handle holder, and foam generator air and chemical mixer.

Windtrax Safes are high security square safes made of 3/16” stainless steel.

Windtrax Side Blaster is a stainless steel side panel blaster with three outlet ports for nozzles

Windtrax Spray Guns are easy pull model spray guns, like our Blue Blaster blue gun with vented handle and the Wild Cat classic spray gun

Windtrax Tanks and Frames are stainless steel 3 gallon, 8 gallon and 30 gallon tanks.  Stainless steel frames for mounting your tanks to or your pumps are also available.