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CUP KIT, CAT 290/420/430 30023 In Stock $21.82 EA    EA Add to Cart
CUP KIT, CAT 290/420/430
KEY, M5X5X24, CAT 3FR,3PFR,4FR 30047 In Stock $1.36 EA    EA Add to Cart
KEY, M6X6X25, CAT 5FR,5PFR,5CP 30057 In Stock $1.22 EA    EA Add to Cart
KIT, SEAL, NBR W/S-SPRING 30488 In Stock $83.70 EA    EA Add to Cart
SEAL KIT,CAT 35,310,340,350 30623 In Stock $83.08 EA    EA Add to Cart
SEAL KIT,CAT 35,310,340,350
SEAL KIT,NBR CAT 650,660,651 661 30798 Orderable $159.96 EA    EA Add to Cart
SEAL KIT,NBR CAT 650,660,651 661
SEAL KIT CAT 1050 30913 In Stock $179.80 EA    EA Add to Cart
SEAL KIT 230/240/270 30914 Orderable $93.62 EA    EA Add to Cart
SEAL KIT 230/240/270
SEAL KIT CAT 3535,3531,3537 31040 In Stock $357.74 EA    EA Add to Cart
SEAL KIT CAT 3535,3531,3537
CAT PLUNGER PUMP 310S Orderable $698.78 EA    EA Add to Cart
Showing 51 - 60 of 552 Results
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Windtrax Car Wash Pump Equipment

It is important for a car wash to have adequate water pressure. There's no better way to disappoint your customers than by leaving them washing their cars with a little trickle of water. If they come to a commercial car wash, it's to have adequate water pressure and flow. To make sure that your automatic or manual car wash is always pumping the right amount and pressure, take a look at all of the pumps, high-pressure hoses and pump equipment we carry here at Windtrax. As an experienced distributor with over 40 years in the business, our team can help you with all of your pump needs.

Car washes work hard. Whether you have an automatic wash with high-pressure spray, or manual bays with hand-held wands, your pumps are eventually going to wear out. Even the best pumps require maintenance and replacement, so think about it before they break down. A little planning goes a long way, and if you have a regular maintenance plan in place, you can anticipate most car wash water pump repairs.

  • Carrying a stock of regular wear and replacement items such as gaskets, fittings, and bolts can reduce downtime. Don’t wait until something breaks to start looking for it. While things can break, it’s extremely frustrating to be out-of-service because of a simple car wash pump component you could have in stock.
  • Hoses get damaged, and even with regular inspection and replacement, you might have a high-pressure hose failure. Having a spare hose in a standard size means you can get your automatic or manual bay back in service in no time.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a small-town car wash with only a few bays or a large city station with multiple bays and automatic washers — when your equipment is down, you’re not making money. Many of our customers use standard pumps across their car wash, and carry at least one spare water pump for emergency replacement.

Regular pump inspection and maintenance goes a long way toward ensuring you never have an unplanned breakdown. But even the most vigilant car wash owners and operators can have a nasty surprise from time to time. This is especially common in hot and cold weather, when the temperature extremes make your car wash water pumps and high-pressure hoses work harder.

We do our best as an industry leader here at Windtrax to supply you with the parts and equipment you need as quickly as possible. We can even supply custom assemblies and made-to-order fittings to meet any unique need. Talk to one of our sales reps today and we’ll answer any questions you might have about car wash water pumps, parts and accessories, or click on the following link to discover our comprehensive, easy-to-search online store.


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