Windtrax Car Wash Supply Company

When you have more than four decades of experience in the car wash supply business, you build quite a name for yourself. Here at Windtrax, we’re proud of the reputation we have as a leading, reliable and high-quality car wash parts and supplies company. We’ve gone from a small car wash with a storeroom full of spare parts and products to an industry-leading company with a large, modern facility and an easy-to-use online store that serves people in many states across the US.

If you’re an automatic or commercial car wash owner or manager and are looking for the best place to purchase all of your car wash supplies, equipment and parts, you’ll want to check out our online store. We carry many popular brands to meet all of the industry’s needs. From small mom-and-pop stores to large chains, we have the pricing and service to suit you. And because our online store is easy to use and available 24 hours a day, you can place your order whenever it suits you. We know that running a car wash keeps you busy, so let us help you minimize the time you spend restocking your car wash parts and products so that you can focus on providing your customers with the attention and service they deserve.

The Personal Touch

One thing we’ve learned here at Windtrax after nearly 50 years in business is that our customers like the personal touch of a small business combined with the strength and scope of a large company. This is how we satisfy all of our customers:

  • Thanks to our relationship with major car wash chemical and equipment suppliers, we can offer competitive prices and quick delivery of in-stock orders.
  • Our vast network of suppliers allows us to offer a broad range of products, including the leading brands in the industry.
  • Thanks to our origins as a small family business, we consider each customer as an individual, and offer the care and service you deserve.
  • On top of our easy-to-use online store, we are also happy to answer any
    questions you might have over the phone.